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"Attending Linkbridge as a family office allocator has helped me widen my network of top-performing fund managers. I've also had the opportunity to participate in valuable discussions with fellow LPs." Investment Team, Cooper Family Office

“The LinkBridge Chicago conference struck the right balance of relevant industry and investment insight from credible and reputable investors and fantastic networking opportunities with asset owners that many other conferences fail to achieve.  Pablo and his team did an excellent job at finding a strong lineup of panelists and speakers and creating a relevant and timely agenda of topics.” Chief Investment Officer, Retirement Plan Advisors

"Pablo and his team at LinkBridge host one of the best investor conferences I have ever attended. The conference provides a real-time lens on highly relevant topics in the current markets across asset classes from the vantage point of renowned speakers across a diversity of areas. I also appreciate the networking opportunities to meet other participants and have made a number of meaningful connections along the way. As a panelist, I have also been extremely impressed with the organization of the team and their seamless execution during the day. They are very responsive throughout the preparation process, which as a panelist, I greatly appreciate! I look forward to continuing to attend and support future LinkBridge events across the US." Founder, Enzo Advisors LLC

“The LinkBridge conference was really an exceptional experience to gain exposure to different parts of the financial industry.  As an RIA firm, we see our peers all the time but here we were able to gain insights from family offices, pension plans and some unique alternative investments.” Founder, Mission Wealth  


“The LinkBridge Conference in NYC was excellent. I was particularly impressed by the quality of speakers and their knowledge of their chosen subjects on their panels. The size of the conference and the venue made it a wonderful forum to meet  people and have meaningful discussions. It was an excellent use of money and time.” Partner, LMCapital  

“Pablo and his team hosts world class events that are distinct due to Pablo network and his fluid approach to creating value and merging networks. The panels are diverse and thought provoking.” Chairman, DPG Investments

“Congratulations to Pablo and his team for organizing a top-notch event.  Best conference I have attended in a long time.  Great networking with other families and institutional investors.  Overall a great experience!” Chief Investment Officer, GC Ventures 


“This was my first Global Investors Annual Meeting, and I came away impressed.  LinkBridge assembled a strong set of speakers and panelists and helped secure high-potential meetings that added value to the event.  I look forward to attending the next event.” Managing Partner, NovaQuest Capital Management

“Chicago 2023 was my first LinkBridge Investors event, and it was one of the best conferences I’ve attended. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to participate. Interesting agenda with a range of perspectives on issues facing the investment community. Ideal balance between conference speaker presentations and networking with other attendees. Many thanks to Pablo, Naira and team for including us. Looking forward to the next one!” Managing Partner, Riverbend Capital Advisors


“At the epicenter of the investment world, Pablo Patrick and Linkbridge Investors annually bring together, at the various venues, the most qualified experts at an international level: family offices, investors, asset managers and renowned entrepreneurs. A mandatory event to generate networking and, most importantly, new business at the highest possible level.” Chairman, ICON Group


“The Linkbridge Global Investors Annual Meeting was time well spent for me and our family office.  The speakers and content were excellent, I met several managers that offer unique investment approaches that fit our portfolio and the Linkbridge team did an excellent job of hosting and facilitating the day. Well done, and I’ll be back again.” Chief Executive Officer, GK Family Office

"Pablo and his team are truly experts at what they do.  The caliber of speakers, the venue, and the organization of the event was perfect in every way.  It was also an amazing networking opportunity as I met some terrific potential business partners.  I cannot wait to work with Pablo again." Chief Investment Officer, Redmont Wealth Advisors

“The Annual General Meeting in New York, organised by LinkBridge Investors, was excellent as it brought together some of the most experienced speakers and panellists in the industry. This meant that delegates, speakers, and panellists alike were able to share highly relevant insights around the economic factors affecting investments decisions.  It was also good to place some of the trends we have experienced in the last 18 months into perspective. I found it very useful and would highly recommend it.” Managing Partner, MV Credit


“As a global healthcare investment platform, LYFE believes that LinkBridge Global Investors Annual Meeting provides an outstanding platform for leading capital allocators and top performing investors across sectors globally to exchange exiting ideas during the dynamic environment.” Founding Partner, LYFE Capital


“After attending our first conference with LinkBridge we were very impressed with the diverse mix of quality professionals in attendance. We were able to network and chat with some of the finest investors, managers, and financial professionals in their respective fields. The team at LinkBridge did a great job welcoming our group and making sure we were not only enjoying ourselves but having a productive conference. We will for sure be returning for more of their meetings and events.” Partner, Capital Solutions


“I really enjoyed the conference. The panels were excellent and focused on all the right topics, and there was also time to network and chat with other players and investors. There was a great atmosphere and everyone was willing to openly share their views. Definitely worth it!” Director of Strategy, Azora


“I found the Global Investors Meeting a place where I shared and learn different investment themes and visions with other Family Offices and interesting investment professionals… great job Pablo.” Founder, CapMx Family Office

“The Global Investors Annual Meeting in NYC was a great event, packed with insightful knowledge and great speakers, offering a unique balance between macroeconomic and industry information as well as specific investment ideas.  Additionally, the networking was excellent.” Chief Investment Officer, Sunpointe Investments


“Linkbridge consistently attracts senior industry leading professionals to its conferences. I have never been disappointed. The conferences are well run, thoughtful, and a great place to connect and gain insights into investment topics that institutional clients are focused on.” Vice President, CAPTRUST

“Pablo and the LinkBridge team put together a great conference. They nailed the mix between product teams, allocators, and thought leaders. Checked every box and I’m looking forward to the next event they put together.” Director of Investments, IHT Wealth Management


“LinkBridge was a fabulous, value-add event.  There were many other family offices and asset allocators to socialize with.  I enjoyed hearing their viewpoints on a number of wide ranging and relevant investment topics.“ Angel Investor

“Pablo Patrick and LinkBridge Investors' team are awesome. They organized the event very well and made special preparations to create meeting opportunities amongst interested parties which was pretty unique. I met so many people during the conference and am looking forward to be a part of many more such events in the future. All the best!” Senior Portfolio Manager, Maryland State Retirement and Pension System

"Pablo Patrick put on a superb event. Even though it only covered one day much was accomplished. The speakers were excellent. In every case a real expert on their topic. The program too was beautifully organized hitting on all relevant areas of interest. Lastly, the attendees that Pablo assembled was very special. A really first class group with time for socializing and networking as well. Congratulations Pablo to you and you team. Well done and thank you." Chief Executive Officer, Fried Family Office

"LinkBridge’s Southeast Investors Annual Meeting in Miami was our first and it did not disappoint.  Pablo Patrick & team did an outstanding job bringing the right people together. Managers appeared to be very happy and quite busy with the diverse and engaged investor base.  Sessions were well attended from start to finish. Ultimately, what we are looking for are new relationships and introductions that will improve our portfolios.  This event exceeded expectations". Director of Manager Search, Efficient Capital

“I was very happy to participate in the Global Investors Annual Meeting in June 2022 in New York City.  I found the topics to be very interesting and very timely.  There is turmoil in the markets currently and it was good to hear the perspectives of others.  There were many people at the conference with whom I made connections that I would not ordinarily meet in the normal course of business.  Willowridge Partners is happy to have been a sponsor.” Partner, Willowridge Partners, Inc.

"Pablo and the LinkBridge team organize one of the best conferences in our industry.  They bring together thought leaders from the investment world along with some of the best minds in the family office and institutional space. We  always walk away with new ideas and new friends. The atmosphere they create is one of dialogue and collaboration and it never disappoints. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about their firm’s ability to be in a state of constant improvement." Chief Executive Officer, Keel Point

"This was one of the best events we've ever attended as Hatcher+.  Pablo and the team delivered an event that was well-organized and packed with interesting people and discussions.  We made a number of valuable connections.  We will absolutely be back for the next one." Managing Partner, Hatcher+

“This was my first Global Investors meeting and it far exceeded my expectations.  The conference was perfectly sized; large enough to network effectively and small enough to actively participate in the sessions.  The panelists were all very impressive and the keynote speakers were world class.  An outstanding event from start to end. Looking forward to the next one.” Head of Relationship Management, Lear Investment Management 

"We participated as an European Investor at the Event in New York as a sponsor for the first time. We were impressed by the quality of participants and speakers. The event provides the right platform for GPs and LPs to meet. The casual but very professional ambiance is a good alternative to other larger and often overcrowded events. Very professional organisation in these difficult global pandemic times." Managing Director & Founder, Seafort Advisors GmbH  

“What an amazing conference!  In a crowded conference space, Linkbridge stands out as one of the ‘must attend’ conferences for speakers and content.” Chief of Staff, Fulcrum Equities

“The Linkbridge in NYC was an outstanding event, especially in terms of the quality of the participants.  Key decision makers from different types of investment groups, with invaluable insights to share about opportunities and major market trends.” Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Alexia Ventures

“Pablo and the team at LinkBridge were amazing from the start. The organization, venue, pertinent topics of panels, speaker list, and the GPs in attendance all made for a fantastic conference." Head of Private Equity, SayeNvest Capital Advisors

"The LinkBridge Investors 2021 Global Investor Meeting: NYC, 12/13-14 brought together key players from all facets of investing. The event format was very conducive to networking and learning from the leaders in the field. This is a great meeting for anyone who is serious about deepening relationships and fostering business. Additionally, all the staff are very professional and helpful. One of the best investor conferences I’ve attended and a fantastic source of inspiration.” Partner, Rising Tide 

“This was my first time attending a Linkbridge conference and right away I met some new, interesting people I had not seen at other conferences and there was a broad range of highly notable speakers covering an array of topics that go beyond typical conference subject matter. I am looking forward to attending the next Linkbridge Global Investors Annual Meeting.” Managing Director, Security Properties

"I attended the LinkBridge Investor Conference in NYC Dec 13-14 2021 as a first-time attendee. Pablo Patrick and his team hosted a very engaging and informative event that was well attended and offered very relevant panel discussions in this post-pandemic environment. I truly enjoyed attending and look forward to attending more events like this top-of-the-class event hosted by Pablo and the LinkBridge team! Congratulations on a job well done!" Managing Member, Advanced Alpha Advisers

"Pablo and his team delivered a very successful meeting of investors at the 2021 Global Investors Annual Meeting in New York.  Discussions were of a high quality and event logistics well managed and conducive to effective networking.  We were happy to participate." Partner, ff Venture Capital    

“Pablo and his team at Linkbridge put on one of the most unique investor conferences in an intimate setting with world class presenters! Very worthwhile investment conference to attend and you will come away with a much better perspective on current trends with a much broader view on new investment opportunities!" Chief Executive Officer, Fogo de Chao

“LinkBridge has mastered investment conferences in this new era by providing engaging big name speakers, an intimate classy setting, good networking opportunities, and valuable information. Not to be missed.” President, Ulland Investment Advisors

“As an allocator of HWN and UHNW investors, the LinkBridge conference was a perfect venue to learn about new opportunities and network with meaningful contacts. The conversations had, with allocators and providers alike, were of high quality.” Director, Richardson Wealth

"The LinkBridge Investors Global Investors Annual Meeting brought together global investors and managers from venture capital, real estate, private equity, and hedge fund industry for insightful updates and discussions.  It was great to reconnect and make new connections." Trustee, City of Stamford

“The Linkbridge conference did a great job of bringing  international investors and sponsors  in a forum that allowed collaboration and education.  Being able to meet 1 on 1 with various groups was extremely helpful. We will be attending again next year.”  Principal, Keystone National Group

“The LinkBridge Investors conferences are an excellent forum for finding new ideas and investment managers.  LinkBridge attracts talented speakers providing peer-to-peer investor insights and managers who are leaders in their respective fields.” Chief Economic Advisor, Keel Point


"The Global Investors Annual Meeting in NYC was a well organized and attended event! Terrific panel discussions with lively dialogue along productive networking opportunities! Well worth attending!" CEO & Chairman, Seddi Inc.

"The LinkBridge Global Investors Annual Meeting in NYC contained timely and relevant content and an excellent lineup of speakers. The Annual Meeting allowed me the opportunity to network and learn from other investment professionals. Thanks to Pablo and his team for organizing a great event and I look forward to returning next year." Founder, 1650 Wealth Management

“The Linkbridge conference in New York provided an intimate setting for networking but also catered to a broad range of attendees and speakers.  The event was run efficiently with a lot of ground covered in two days.“ Founding Partner, Virgo Investment Group

“The conference was very informative by addressing investment opportunities for institutions, family offices, and high net worth individuals. I found that the speakers and panelists were able to clearly articulate and communicate non-mainstream investment subjects.” Chief Investment Officer, TDC Group

"I am an active advisor and asset manager in the life sciences space, and have attended two Linkbridge conferences, most recently in December 2021.  I continue to be impressed with the quality of the panels, as well as the diversity & expertise of all attendees. In this age of specialization, it is rare to find a generalist investment forum which helps you to be more thoughtful about your own focus, and stimulates you to spot opportunities outside your wheelhouse. Well done." Managing Director, RM Global Partners

"The LinkBridge June 2019 conference was the first of its type that we have attended and it exceeded our expectations.  We were very impressed by the quality of the presenters and the attendees.  We made some great contacts and believe the potential exists for significant business to come out of this experience.  Events like this take commitments in time and money; this was well worth it." CEO, Waveland Energy Partners 

"We attended the Linkbridge Global Investors Annual Meeting in Miami in November 2019 as a first time sponsor and participant. We found the event of high quality, both in terms of the panel speakers and the topics. The event also had the right mix of sponsors and LPs and provided ample networking opportunities. Well done Pablo Patrick and the whole LinkBridge team." CEO, Xtellus Capital

“What I liked most about LinkBridge was that panels were ‘fresh’ and well-attended. Speakers didn’t just show up for their minute on the stage and disappear. Everyone was at the conference to engage, learn, and network.” CEO, Apex Financial

“It was great to participate in this event. There was a good balance in between conference speakers and networking opportunities. We had a chance to meet and initiate relationships with some high quality investors that will be a great add-on to our firm’s investor roster. We thank you for inviting us to participate.” Co-Founder, PC Capital

“I believe Pablo and his team bring value to those companies looking to get into the institutional equity market by providing the opportunity through Linkbridge events to mingle with top executives of important family offices, equity funds and all kinds of institutional funding actors." CEO, Epelboim

"I am glad I attended the Global Investors Annual Meeting organized by Linkbridge. The keynote speakers were very senior, the panels focused on very relevant matters and featured some of the best professionals in the market. Lots of valuable people and interesting discussions Great opportunity for networking and to find good investment ideas." CEO, Rimac

​“This was Southeast Capital’s first Global Investors Annual Meeting event and it was well organized, very relevant, and attended by premier executives in their respective lines of business.  As a real estate firm focused on multi-family development in the Southeast U.S., we were provided an unique opportunity to network with other prominent investment and development professionals in the real estate arena.  We look forward to growing these new relationships and to finding mutually beneficial ways to work together in the future.” Principal, Southeast Capital Companies

“We found the LinkBridge conference to be very helpful in starting new investment relationships, and we look forward to growing a long term relationship with them.” CEO, Northstar Commercial Partners

"I would like to thank you and your team for such amazing organization for the summit I am really touch the development and efforts from one summit to another to gather all this mind , I am really enjoyed the discussions and interaction .. thank you again and wish you all the best on the future​." CEO, River Keys

“LinkBridge Investors, Global Investors Annual Meeting was a great event and the attendance was significant, both quality and quantity. Pablo and his team pulled together a wonderful event, perfectly executed.” CEO, Aspen Tree Advisory

"Due to interesting and informing presentations and panel discussions, the Global Investors Annual Meeting provided us opportunity to expand my knowledge about the global development of capital investments, the operation of PE/VC world and the perspectives of American experts. Furthermore, it was an excellent occasion for networking and sharing personal stories. I found attending to this conference useful and I am glad that I could participate." CEO, Pinter Law Firm

“I found the LinkBridge Conference” to be thought provoking and relevant to issues currently at the top of my mind. Additionally, I welcomed the opportunity to network with fellow investors and providers in a casual yet compelling venue.” Co-Founder, SkyView Investment Advisors

“I found the Link Bridge Conference of value and very helpful in providing connectivity to select institutional and family office investors with an expressed interest in private equity.”  Partner, Dominus Capital  L.P.


“ I was pleased with my attendance at the latest Linkbridge Investors conference. They assembled a very diverse program with an interesting lineup of topics and insightful panelists.” Partner Portfolio Solutions, Hermes GPE (USA) INC


“The LinkBridge NYC Event showcased valuable Investment companies, as well as providing ample time for no stress Networking in a professional and safe environment. A good use of time.” Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual


“I very much enjoyed the Global Investors Annual meeting in NY and came away with helpful knowledge and interesting new contacts. The sessions and networking lead to a vast range of new investment ideas.” Managing Partner, New End.

​“The LinkBridge Investors May 2018 New York conference was an excellent opportunity to get new ideas from industry leaders and to develop productive, new relationships.  We are already considering investing with three different companies represented at the conference.  Very high quality event and worth two days away from the office.” Chief Investment Strategist, Keel Point

“The Linkbridge conference was a fantastic event, attended by a long list of the top institutional LP’s. The panelists were interesting and insightful, and the conference format gave participants plenty of opportunity to meet and discuss opportunities.” Partner, Peterson Partners

"The LinkBridge investors conference was a special treat for me -- a real learning experience and an opportunity to meet many people from the investment industry who may help Nevada increase its returns and safety on general funds, higher education endowments and pubic employee retirement investment.  I've been a panelist and moderator, and it's a great way to meet these folks and get to know them better." Controller, State of Nevada

"The conference was very well organized and offered incredible access to many interesting professionals and relevant investment topics. I enjoyed being a panelist discussing investment strategies for Private Wealth families and individuals." Managing Director, Point View Wealth Management

“A well-organized conference with interesting strategies and perspectives. Great opportunities to network with peer wealth advisors as well as fund managers.” Director of Research, Burney Wealth Management

“This was our company’s first participation in a Linkbridge event.  We found it to be an excellent vehicle in which to meet potential investors and other firms that we might be able to work with in the future.  It was both time and money well spent.” CEO, Devon Self Storage

"It was a great event, filled with some very bright investment pros.  I learned about some new investment strategies that I will bring to my firm.  I would recommend anyone who is serious about our industry to attend this event." Managing Partner, Main Street Research Wealth Management

"The LinkBridge Investors Annual Meeting was both informative and insightful.  As a registered investment adviser seeking to use private equity as an investment vehicle for wealthier clients, I found the conference priceless connecting academic rigor with practical application.  I made some contacts, with one of them being important to my ongoing practice.  Thank you Pablo for a great conference!" Principal, DPH Financial

"The Southwest Investors Annual Meeting in Austin was a very well organized event, offering an interesting and eclectic slate of panels and speakers.  I had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with a wide variety industry professionals and ultimately made some very important connections.  LinkBridge was a consummate host and the Driskill Hotel served as a very appropriate and elegant venue.  I look forward to the next one!" Business Manager, Texas State University

"The Southwest Investors Annual Meeting was a great way to network with family offices, capital raising individuals, financial professionals and investors. The conference was well organized and it may result in new business relationships with our firm." Chief Investor Relations Officer, TransparentBusiness

"We enjoyed the LinkBridge conference and spent our day meeting with an excellent roster of potential investors.  In between meetings we heard from interesting speakers and though provoking panels, making our experience doubly worthwhile." Managing Director, Cadre

“Congratulations to LinkBridge for organizing the successful West Investors Meeting in SF. I was impressed with the amount of institutional investors, including family offices, who I met, as well as the caliber of some participants. Keep up the great work, LinkBridge.” CEO, ThreeEQ


"I found the LinkBridge conference to be both informative and useful, as it provided the opportunity to hear from industry professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including both investment providers and asset allocators.  The conference also served as an arena to learn about new and unique investment strategies, and to develop new working relationships." Director of Research, Empirical Wealth Management

“A worthwhile conference for any financial professional to attend.  The opportunity to meet with key leaders in the investment management, venture capital and the public pension space was key for me as I confirm my business development strategy for next year.” CEO, Global Investment Company

"The West Investors Annual meeting provided useful intelligence into the current market trends within the investment sector. We found the caliber of speaker and organizations in attendance highly impressive." Managing Director, GJH Pensions

"The event was an open environment to explore new relationships. There was a great help from the host to build the network." CEO, Japan Strategic  

"The program topics and guests were most informative and insightful.  I left with a deeper understanding of both trends and opportunities across many business sectors." CFO, Regis University

“The gathering provided a crisp and comprehensive overview on the current happenings in the US economy from an investor’s lens, complimented by  a diverse representation of global attendees which helped enhance reach and build perspective.” CIO, RAAY Investments

"The Linkbridge conference held in New York proved a highly useful and informative forum in which to meet key investors, decision makers and other private equity & alternatives managers.  It assisted us greatly in gaining a better understanding of the investor landscape in the US and introducing ourselves to new institutional investors." Partner, Maris Capital

"As a recently launched development Real Estate Fund, the conference provided significant insight and confirmation into current trends and movements in the marketplace. The speaker panels provided a wealth of knowledge and the opportunity to meet with and network with the impressive attendee group was invaluable. I expect to be a regular participant in future conferences." CEO, Participant Capital

"For ACRON it was the first Global Investor Conference hosted by Pablo Patrick from LinkBridge Investors. The conference was a great success, it was well organized and we will definitely return to the next meeting. Within the two days ACRON had the possibility to exchange views, meet interesting new clients from around the world and to build new bridges." Managing Director, ACRON

"LinkBridge Investors put together a highly curated and elite group of family offices, fund managers, and established investment professionals. By participating at the Global Investors Annual Meeting, we made valuable contacts with potential LPs and co-investors across the globe." Founding Partner, TMT Blockchain Fund

"I attended Linkbridge’s NY conference in May 2018 for the first time. I was struck by the high quality of speakers, the carefully curated content, and the many opportunities to interact with the attendees. The organization, from beginning until the end, was flawless. I will return." Partner, Acceleration Resources

"Thank you for a most excellent conference. I thought the venue and the number of attendees was appropriate (not too big as to be overwhelming) and appreciate the format for pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with prospective investors.  We did meet with a number of groups and spoke with about 10 qualified prospective investors who expressed continued interest and with whom we are following up." Partner, True Green Capital

"From the cold call solicitation to the advance panel prep work and outreach assistance prior to the conference, to the mix of high quality attendees and speakers, to the food and venue, not to mention helpful and attentive staff, everything was extremely professional and first rate. That this was your firm’s first conference makes the whole event that much more impressive. I would recommend this conference and look forward to working with your firm in the future." VP, Centurion Asset Management

"This event surpassed the tens of similar events I've attended over the past years, with the caliber of its attendees, and the quality of its organization.  Simply put, the best place to meet the best in the global investment community."  Managing Director, Medenter

"Linkbridge organized a top notch conference in New York last week. The speakers were leaders from some of the world's top financial institutions.  The attendees were diverse and interesting." Of Counsel, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP

"I attended the Global Investors Annual Meeting this year, and it was really worth my time, I met several other family offices, and several very interesting managers. Most of all  was astonished as to the quality and the geographic diversity of the attendance. I met some great people from Latin America, Asia and the US, with whom I will be following up." Managing Principal , DeCoene Holdings

"The panels were quite informative and addressed a variety of strategies and topics.  In addition, I was able to connect with several investors during the networking breaks and have had follow up conversations post event." Managing Director, Deerpath Capital Management

"It was good to meet new investors in a right sized event and it  was encouraging that reputable investors see private equity in emerging markets as an important asset class in the coming years." Partner, Sarona Asset Management 

“The conference was very well organized and was excellent in terms of content and networking. I have particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to attend to the Key Note by Daniel A. D’Aniello and to moderate two panels on private equity. Great audiences, worldwide attendance.  Looking forward to the next conferences!” Partner, Machado Meyer

"Linkbridge was an excellent venue - highlighting the most trending industry topics with an impressive group of participants." President, Convergence

"The organization of the event was very well done and the quality of the speakers was excellent. The various fund managers that presented and that I met with were very interesting." CEO, Central Family Advisors

"I really enjoyed participating in a panel at The 2018 Global Investors Annual Meeting. My fellow panelists were energetic and thoughtful. The audience asked great questions." Director of Investments, Helmsley Charitable Trust

The Global Investors Annual Meeting in New York was the best conference that I have attended. It delivered significant ROI for our company.  The Linkbridge team provided exceptional customer service." Partner, Vivaris Capital

"Participating at the LinkBridge Investors Global Investors Annual Meeting allowed attendees to share and learn about international investment opportunities and local market insight from institutions asset managers, governments, advisors and family offices.   Networking and connecting with company and industry leaders from various Latin American countries was a valuable cross-border experience." Treasury Manager, City of Stamford            

“LinkBridge provided an open a lively forum for GPs and LPs to discuss the current economic state of all asset classes.  We met a lot of new LPs, and hope to continue building relationships at Linkbridge.” Principal, Ecosystem Integrity Fund

“Attending the LinkBridge Global Investors Annual Meeting provided a unique opportunity to meet and interact with a whole host of leading fund managers, institutional investors, and business & thought leaders in a common platform, which was immensely helpful. We certainly look forward to attending the next one." Head Research, Wadhawan Global Capital

‘’The Global Investors Annual Meeting stood out in organization, Panel structure, speakers selection and event management. I enjoyed listening to experts perspectives and making new contacts.” President, GRC Family Office

"I thought the event was well attended by a balance of LPs and GPs and the speakers brought differentiated, and international perspectives to the conversations.  Thank you for a great event." Associate Partner, AON


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