LinkBridge Investors' Consulting Group

Connecting Decision Makers
LinkBridge Investors' approach is designed to connect leaders and contribute to the development of relationships and business opportunities.

Our business is diversified across different regions, industries and asset classes. This broad network gives us the expertise and contacts to take advantage of opportunities on a global scale. 


LinkBridge Investors does not sell, and neither has an economic interest in the clients we represent. We have earned a reputation in the alternative asset community as a reliable and knowledgeable resource that has innovated the way industry leaders connect.


Our global investor base consists of entities who believe in our philosophy and give us in-depth insight into their goals. By customizing our approach, managers are given the necessary support to grow their businesses. We seek to build our client's business, not ours.

LinkBridge Investors develops long-term relationships with its clients by focusing on one of our core values, transparency. Our insights into business development, marketing and network expansion are communicated openly. This methodology to investing fosters positive relationships and long term value for our clients. 

LinkBridge Investors' main focus is on satisfying its client's needs by providing support that is as unique as our clients. LinkBridge Investors will proudly expand your network across the world.


Prospective Clients

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